A new docu-film was launched yesterday at the Cannes film festival by a Romanian director, Andrei Ujica, “The autobiography of Ceausescu”. The film is made of various archive images of Ceausescu. What seemed very interesting to me in this piece of news is the way the movie is announced: it humanizes the dictator. This reminded me of another filmic “re-construction”, that of Ioan Grigorescu who continued in 2007 a previous work (Dialogue with Ceausescu, made in 1978) by showing a new imagined dialogue with the now defunct dictator: “Post-mortem dialogue with Ceausescu”. This piece of art had the same purpose as Ujica’s: present Ceausescu in a realist light, showing all sides of the character and affirming that his demonization and caricaturization have provoked the loss of the true man.
I believe this is an interesting phenomenon, part of our artistic memorialization of Ceausescu. Perhaps we’ll even have next the occasion to read a novel of the dictatorship!
Ion Grigorescu, Dialogue with Ceausescu, 1978